how to superscript in word

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I am going to learn how to superscript in word.

i am going to show you 2 possibilities to superscript in word and you are also going to learn the shortcut for these possibilities.文章源自LuckYou.ORG-

use superscript button

let's start with the first one. the basic method for doing a superscript in word is to use the superscript button in the "home" tab.文章源自LuckYou.ORG-

you can either click it or press the shortcut "CTRL+shift++" on your keyboard.文章源自LuckYou.ORG-

when the button is activated you can start typing your superscript and when you are finished.文章源自LuckYou.ORG-

just click on the superscript button or use the shortcut again.文章源自LuckYou.ORG-

how to superscript in word文章源自LuckYou.ORG-

mathematical formulas

the second method for doing a superscript is usually used when you are writing mathematical formulas.文章源自LuckYou.ORG-

for that go the "insert" tab and in the "Symbols" section click on "equation" .文章源自LuckYou.ORG-

alternatively, you can also use the shortcut "ALT+=". To now insert a superscript in the equation, click on "script" and choose the first option.文章源自LuckYou.ORG-

you can then click into the fields that are shown here and type a basis and also an exponent.文章源自LuckYou.ORG-

how to superscript in word

so that's it.




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