how to modify heading styles in Microsoft Word

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I am going to learn how to modify styles in Microsoft Word.

To modify a style there are basically 2 ways.文章源自LuckYou.ORG-

The first way is to write.文章源自LuckYou.ORG-

Click on the style and then click on modify.文章源自LuckYou.ORG-

If we cannot find our desired style in the ribbon.文章源自LuckYou.ORG-

We can open the style log, click on options and choose all styles in the first dropdown field.文章源自LuckYou.ORG-

Afterwards we will see all the available styles in the style's dialog.文章源自LuckYou.ORG-

Here we can also click on the drop-down arrow to the right of the style and we will find the button.文章源自LuckYou.ORG-

For the modifying of the style.文章源自LuckYou.ORG-

Now we can change the formatting of the style.文章源自LuckYou.ORG-

So for this example, let's give the heading an underline.文章源自LuckYou.ORG-

You have probably noticed that we already covered a lot more formatting option.

And to find these advanced formatting settings we need to click on format.

Here we can really change all the other formatting settings but since we already covered most of them.

I will not explain them in more detail.

When we are done with editing our style, we can choose if we want to save the style changes for all new documents we create or only the current document.

So this was the first option for modifying a style.

But if we already have a customized text snippet and want to store the formatting of the snippet in a style.

We don't have to do the work to again modify a style, we simply need to highlight the snippet and then right click on a style.

Which should copy the formatting of this snippet in the context menu, we then have to select update style to match selection.

And then the style has the same formatting as the text snippet

So that’s it.




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