how to insert a table caption in Microsoft word

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How to insert a table caption in Microsoft word

To insert a table caption文章源自LuckYou.ORG-

We move our mouse over the table and this 4 fold arrow will appear in the top left文章源自LuckYou.ORG-


Now we do a right click on this arrow, and go to insert caption.文章源自LuckYou.ORG-

And here you will already have a box where you can write in your caption文章源自LuckYou.ORG-


Of course you can also change this label in the front文章源自LuckYou.ORG-

So when you go to label and open the drop down menu文章源自LuckYou.ORG-

You can select one of these labels here文章源自LuckYou.ORG-

And if you don't like these labels文章源自LuckYou.ORG-

You can also create a new label by clicking here on

New label and then for example writing in tab

Then you can see that the table label has changed

Now of course you can also change the numbering

So as you can see

I wrote a chapter number here in this example

So when you click on include chapter number

You can also select to include this number 2 from the second chapter

So when we click on ok you can see that the table will have the description

Table one in the second chapter

Then you can also change the positioning so you're just

So that you know the table descriptions or the table captions are usually always

Above the table

So make sure to select above selected item

And now when we click on okay

This description will be inserted above the table

And that's it





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